Wednesday, January 04, 2006

And now, from the "Golden Toiletbrush Society Nomination Board" and Yahoo News...first of an intermittent series

Sudiegirl sez: OK…I know that in some parts of my home state, this concept has to be explained to people, usually with an educational puppet show. Also, the photos to the left (from are of Private SNAFU, who was the subject of funny yet educational films about the things soldiers must do to be effective members of the military, including how to take care of your firearms. Am I wrong in wondering why someone would sell a gun to this man in the first place, or let him in a house that has any potentially harmful objects? Read on, and I’ll do my thing…

Call it his 'constitutional' rights?
2 hours, 36 minutes ago
Police in a Vancouver suburb reminded residents on Tuesday it was not a good idea to play with a loaded gun while using the bathroom, after a man accidentally shot himself. (However, in theory…and in reference to the "loaded gun" concept...he’s not doing anything in there that a typical teenage boy wouldn’t be doing. Am I right?)

A 21-year-old North Vancouver man was facing numerous weapons charges after he shot off one of his fingers while apparently playing with a gun on New Year's Day, according to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. (Notice how the victim’s name was not given? That’s to ensure that his family – both nuclear and distant relations – can walk around free and unfettered, without grocery bags on their heads.)

"Perhaps, our mothers never explained to us that it was not a good idea to play with handguns whilst using the restroom. But then again, maybe that was supposed to be a given," the Mounties said in a press release. (Well, obviously not to this gent.)

Sudiegirl’s final word?

Ah, yet another anointed member of Rancho Sudiegirl’s “Golden Toiletbrush Society”. Pass the nachos, people…let’s celebrate!

I guess Johnny did indeed get his gun, huh?