Saturday, December 17, 2005

Saturday stuff...

(Art from CUTE PUPPY!)

Well, it's Saturday, one week and one day till Jesus' birthday. I'm up and down re: getting the Christmas takes a while for me to catch it anyway, and Dad's passing is not helping matters any.

I don't imagine Jessica Simpson is having the merriest of Christmases either, even if her star is rising faster than ol' Nick's. She doesn't know me, nor I her, but I hope she comes out of all this OK. Then maybe she'll put away the nasty black eyeliner and join the land of the rest of us jaded souls.

Anyway, what else do I have to share? Well, for starters, I'm ignoring the's ringing and I'm not answering it. It could be Brad Pitt or a collection agency. Either way, they can leave a message.

Also, is this whole "Bush is OK with eavesdropping" thing bugging anyone else? (Oh lord, sorry 'bout the pun.)

I mean, life is weird enough. If Bush eavesdrops on me, I think he'd hear something like this:

"Hello, Mom?"
"Yes...did you get to Sears yet to set up the bed delivery?"
"No, Mom. I (insert excuse here...)"
"Well, you'd better get to it. Do you know how much I spent on that
"Yep...wrote it down. On the same page for how much college cost,
as well as my first wedding."

(Note...conversation slightly altered for comedic effect.)

But seriously, I guess that whole Constitution/Founding Fathers thing didn't mean shit, huh? They really were just a bunch of tax-evading British guys. Oh much for having faith in our forefathers.

I think I'd better go check my voice mail. Could be Brad P or President Bush.