Monday, November 28, 2005

What I did this anyone cares!?

Well, one of the things I did this weekend is watch "The Aviator" with Leonardo DiCaprio. You know what amazes me about this film? How TRUE to the era it was. The costumes were great, and the settings in general were just perfect. Scorsese should be rewarded for his directing work at some point; every one of his films that I've seen have been quite good. Not that I have any film expertise...I just know what I like.

I really didn't know much about Howard Hughes before I watched this film, and I know a little bit more now than I did then. DiCaprio is quite the actor, really...he held his own and looked remarkably like Howard Hughes. He wasn't afraid to get "dirty" with the scenes where Hughes loses his mind (albeit temporarily) and does all the OCD things he was so famous for. And, BTW, kudos to Scorsese for treating those actions and that illness respectfully. It could easily have turned into a freakshow, but Scorsese balanced the madness with the brilliance and gave the audience a good view of the ups and downs of Hughes.

Anyway, beyond that I didn't really do much. I just wanted to share how I, too, could sound like a film critic.