Monday, May 26, 2008

thoughts at K-Mart on Memorial Day 2008

I'm blogging at K-Mart on Memorial Day. Yes, I'm forsaking patriotic programming on TV so I can come to my neighborhood K-Mart and blog.


Not sure other than I can. Besides, I've seen war movies more than I care to and I'd rather be here. Also, we're trying to prepare for a new room-mate possibly joining our happy li'l fold and that precludes anything John Wayne is in.

Now, there's an argument going on in various languages at a checkout stand about 15 feet away.

And I'm blogging.

God bless technology.

And I do have patriotic thoughts running through my head...I just am distracted, is all. But I love my country, since it's a country that has K-Marts with internet stations where I can blog, and it's also a country where I can say what I want about what I want and nobody cares that I'm blogging at KMart instead of watching actors blow each other up in a fictional manner to depict real warfare.

So God Bless America too...and technology...and KMart. And our armed service men/women who work to protect our country every day, and those who have passed on in that mode of service.

I gotta go...