Monday, April 14, 2008

Not sure what I think of all of this...

If this link works correctly, things are starting to get ugly in the '08 corral.

The reason? Gun control.

Even though I grew up around guns, this post reflects how I feel about guns at the current time. I guess my dad would've had some problem with my opinion, but I do live in an urban area and haven't seen the positive side of gun ownership in a while.

But now things are just getting ugly in the '08 corral. (I like that phrase...)

Clinton and Obama are spatting based on remarks that were made BY OBAMA regarding some working class voters clinging to "guns and religion" or something like that because of the state of the Union at this time.

Now Clinton is suddenly pro-gun? She's bragging about how she used to go shoot with her "paw" when she was growing up, and how she shot a duck in Arkansas once. Obama is busting her chops over this one, even though he made the gaffe in the first place that let her into this little inroad.

I'm surprised Clinton hasn't also gone with the "religion" aspect and talked about her miraculous ability to walk on water or how she healed someone with shingles while on an election junket in Indiana, while shooting ducks.

Jesus, much as I like OBAMA, I want this crap to be over and a candidate decided upon. Seriously.

Who's with me?