Monday, February 11, 2008

Grammy Awards captions, Sudie-style

(Hey, at least it's not the damned election or another post with me whinin' about DD.)

Tom Hanks, caught up in the music, belts out "Don't Cry For Me, Argentina". The country of Argentina had no comment.
A Grammy winner asks the burning question, "Is the Grammy really foil-covered chocolate?" Rumors flew backstage that this person was rushed to a 24-hour dentistry office after taking a bite out of the megaphone. The Hershey Company had no comment.

Upon viewing this photo, both Sudiegirl's mom and the Barbizon School of Modeling were quoted as saying, "Who the H**L taught this girl to stand in a dress?" The dress had no comment.

Uh...who IS this? Whoever it is, I want my velcro rollers back, and this dude needs to keep the gold spray paint at home instead of inhaling it backstage.

(enjoy, folks...I'm on the mend...)