Monday, January 14, 2008

Thank you and a recommendation...

First of all...many thanks to folks who commented on the "Moment of Dad" post from Friday. It was really interesting to read what kinds of things other people have on their "bucket lists".

I double-checked with my dear mom, and she said that Dad didn't keep a "bucket list" of sorts. I guessed right - she said that Dad took pleasure in unexpected moments. I think that was the key for him enjoying life in spite of the pitfalls that came along.

For new readers, if you want to read more "Moment of Dad" posts, start with the archives from October 2006. Regular readers - you can refresh your experience (so to speak) beginning with this archive as well.

NOW...a recommendation...if you have any opportunity to do so, PLEASE see "Sweeney Todd" in whatever nearby theater is showing it.

I had been planning and planning to see it, and finally got to see it this weekend. I was so amazed...I had a feeling it would be good, and it exceeded my expectations.

JOHNNY DEPP is the sexiest murderer I have ever seen/heard, first of all. He performed this role so well, and while he didn't sound like the man who originated this character (Len Cariou), he still did it as well (if not better). He is turning into a wonderful actor. The fact that he's easy on the eyes just makes it all the more wonderful.

But Depp is not the only one who's good in this movie. Critics have griped about Helena Bonham Carter's singing voice in this film, but again...they're missing the point.

Angela Lansbury was wonderful in originating this role, but Helena Bonham Carter is just as good (if not better, in her way). One criticism was the description of her voice as "reedy". There's not much vibrato in her voice, to be sure, but you that such a BAD thing? Think about it...Mrs. Lovett's character is a lower-class Londoner, looking like she's got at least one respiratory ailment under her belt. On top of that, vibrato is something you almost have to learn how to use...and sometimes it gets in the way of the words and how they're understood. You can understand the words of EVERYONE in this production. And Sondheim LOVES LOVES LOVES his words! His lyrics have very intricate rhyme and structure to them, so if you can't understand 'em, you're missing out on so much.

Here is a clip from "Sweeney Todd"... called "A Little Priest". This clip is a prime example of the intricate rhyme structure I was talking about, plus plenty o' puns.

I can't really say a bad thing about this film. I have always loved this musical...and one of my secret dreams (now not a secret) is that I'd LOVE to sing the part of Mrs. Lovett someday. But I know I won't sound just like Carter or Lansbury. I'll sound like ME with a cockney accent. And that's not so bad.

So if you're a fan of Sondheim, a fan of musical theater, a fan of Depp, Bonham Carter or just want to see what I'm so hyped up about, GO SEE THIS!!!!!!!