Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Whittling Wednesday

Today in History:

In 1537, Jane Seymour, the third wife of England's King Henry VIII, died 12 days after giving birth to Prince Edward, later King Edward VI.

Sudiegirl's response: Wow...she's pretty well preserved...she didn't look that old on "Dancing With The Stars"!

Well, folks, it's the proverbial "hump day". I must admit, I really don't like that phrase. I just get the image of some toy-sized dog getting off on my leg when I think of it. I just keep it at Wednesday so I don't gross myself out too badly.

Also, for those who are spiritually inclined, prayers are needed for the Craig Manning family in rural Brighton, Iowa.


Mr. Manning's oldest daughter (Elizabeth, pictured at right) was killed
in a farming accident earlier this week. She was trying to get a kitten out of the path of an oncoming tractor, and she didn't make it.

I've known this guy since I was a little kid, and of course all the small town connections come out. His in-laws used to square dance with my parents, his wife went to school with my sister and cousin, and his sister-in-law went to school with my best friend's husband (and I knew the sister-in-law too).

At any rate, this girl was a beautiful girl in both looks and personality, and she was taken too soon from this world. The family is just devastated, as are her friends and all who knew her. I know it sounds Pollyanna-ish to ask for this, but the loss of a child is something no parent should
ever have to face alone in this world. So whoever you pray to, please do so.



OK...let's cheer things up a bit, or at least climb out of the sadness little by little.

First of time for Halloween, an "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWW" award!


Today's recipient might very well have the nickname "Vampira the Bloodsucker", but apparently it's not to be.

Recipient's REAL name: Tiffany Sutton, 24 years old, of Maricopa County, AZ.
Reason for Award: Taking hickies to the quote the article:

A woman who stabbed her tied-up lover so she could drink his blood has been sentenced to 10 years in prison. Tiffany Sutton told Maricopa County Superior Court Judge David Udall that she was sorry for the incident and said she never meant to hurt anyone, but received the stiff sentence anyway after he called the crime especially heinous.

Yep...a classic case of "woman who loves your corpuscles too much".

Apparently, drugs and alcohol were involved when Ms. Sutton was doing the deed with her boyfriend, 46 year old
Robert McDaniel. Also, according to the story, when Mr. McDaniel attempted to escape her vampiric clutches, she, quote, "...chased him with a pickax".

Judge's comments:

The article states that Sutton did apologize for her behavior, with the defense attorney stating that Sutton suffered from a personality disorder and took full responsibility for her actions. However, Ms. Sutton's attorney did not fail to note that the defendant still believed that she was a vampire for the first few weeks of her jail stay.

So, of course, this leaves me with a few comments/questions.

  • Did the judge wear a turtleneck to court? How about a strand of garlic around his neck or a big ol' cross?
  • What does this woman look like? Does she look like...this?
(I guess I can understand if that's the case...)

And OK...the victim is 46 years old. Where on EARTH does a 46 year old man troll for a quality filly such as our li'l bloodsucker-ette? Is he hanging out at Marilyn Manson concerts or something? Since this made the news, going to confront said victim at the next class reunion. I can just imagine...

"Hey, McDaniel! Didja bring the garlic?"
"Couldn't you have least tried for Elvira, Mistress of the Dark?"
"I have a question - can you see your date in the mirror?"
"I guess you don't take her out to breakfast in the morning, huh?"

He'd better be prepared.

So that's all I got for today...have a good 'un.