Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I got a note AND an Egg-Suckin' Dog!

First of all, my apologies to my NaBloWriMo brothers and sisters. I already sent Groovygrrl a note stating that my home computer has rolled over on its back and, if not DIED, is on the disabled list. The note was signed (by proxy) by my mom, my hard drive and my modem.

So apologies abound at Rancho Sudiegirl for my absence. Mea Culpa, mea maxima culpa.

Also, my music collaborator/friend DD from work is having a rough time and has kind of "flaked", for lack of a better word. His stress level has hit maximum and I had to do a lot of listening last night to his rants. It scared me for his sake so I talked to my boss about it this morning, and they sent him home to rest. I'm not sure if he's mad at me, pissed at me, etc. I'll find out more so be prepared for a rant about THAT issue. Thank you, the management.

SO! It's time for a Rancho Sudiegirl designation...and here it is...
Recipients: Timothy McKevitt, 19, and Jonathon Porter, 21...both from the San Francisco area

Reason: Well...hmmm...it's a case of male pride run amok. To quote the article:

A U.S. man was sentenced to five months in jail after he and a friend, acting on wounded pride, gunned down an ostrich that had kicked them as their female companions laughed, a newspaper reported on Saturday.

The powerful flightless bird, named Gaylord, kicked Timothy McKevitt, 19, and Jonathon Porter, 21, last October when they trespassed on an ostrich ranch south of San Francisco after a night of drinking, the paper cited attorneys as saying.
Double plus bonus: Porter (the older of the two) pled no contest, but McKevitt (the lad of 19 summers) has to turn himself in by November 1st to serve his sentence.

Judge's comments:

OK...I think this beats "cow-tipping" as far as pointless activity is concerned, 'k? Seriously.

Let's look at it this way: The ostrich's brain is as big as its eyeball...which means about the size of a walnut or something. Apparently, the ostrich and its murderers had something in common.

You know, there are worse things in life than having a woman laugh at you because of something stupid you did while intoxicated. If everyone got all upset about that, the world would be annihilated. Doors would be shattered...buildings torn down...dogs and cats living together, MASS HYSTERIA!


But yes, there are worse things than having an ostrich kick you because you snuck into its pen.

How about:

...two young men maintaining a blood vendetta against a bird that puts its head in the sand as a method of camoflage?

...how about being dumb enough to think that a romantic night on the town includes getting plowed and taking your women on an illegal trip to the local ostrich farm? If I had a boyfriend that said to me, "Honey, let's have some beer and go to the ostrich farm...", even at the tender age of 19 or so, I would have told him to go do something obscene to himself involving a garden hose. DUH!!!

Also, those boys haven't even been to their first high school class reunion yet. This event made national news and said news report used their real names. They will forever be known as "the ostrich killers"...and it's on public record, baby.

Their mothers will have to go to the grocery store amid funny looks, giggles and whispers of, "It's funny...those boys seemed smart! Wonder what happened?"

Yep, boys...and now you're forever immortalized in my blog.

You're so toast.