Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Whose answers are better...Yahoo's or mine? You be the judge!

Yahoo! Answers, Sudiegirl responds...

Yahoo! Answer:

Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is a nucleic acid that contains the genetic instructions for the development and function of living things.

Sudiegirl's answer:

"AND" spelled backwards.
(Come on! It was THERE! I had to do something...)

2. How can i get more friends?

Yahoo! Answer:

Listen, the way to get friends is to be yourself! Don't care what other people think of you! They'll come to you!!

Sudiegirl's Answer:

Money works. Also, free food and a ride somewhere. But usually money.
(Now HEY...I'm being honest here...)

3. Is it normal to want to have a girlfriend but also to have many hot girls admiring you?

Yahoo! Answer:

Honestly u can't have your cake and eat it to.You know these women want you and still decide to be there friend.They r not your friend cuz they just want to be friends cuz u even said they want more.It's an accident waiting to happen.You seem to know what you want but need to be sure.If you feel this women is going to make u happy for the REST OF YOUR LIFE I really don't think so or you wouldn't be asking this question.You have to get rid of the women that want you and stay with who is making you happy or get out and be a gigolo sell the wild oats .Maybe brake up and go have fun but just remember that people don't usually wait for people to make up there mind cuz if your not happy with that decision and decide to go back with her it might be to late.There is a saying that goes something like this and it's why fix something that isn't broken.If your happy why change that ?well unless your a gambler.Good luck

Sudiegirl's answer:
You're a guy, aren't you? Then obviously it's normal to want this stuff. However, if you want to die young, just pursue your fantasies, and hope your girlfriend doesn't keep a bunch of sharp knives or firearms around.
I sincerely hope I've given you some helpful information to work with. If not, please don't name me in any lawsuits - after all, this blog is for entertainment purposes only.

Sudiegirl, who only wants to help society...