Tuesday, November 07, 2006

maybe i should have dressed like this?

Well...the blog workshop was not successful. Unfortunately, only one person came, and she said she quit blogging because it was boring.

Yay. Isn't that how my dumb luck runs?

I did read somewhere that blogging is not "in" with teenagers (although, for some reason, I've heard of some wanting to do it but their parents won't let them).

The man who asked me to do the workshop was surprised at the turnout (or lack thereof); hopefully there will be more opportunities to do a workshop - he seemed really enthusiastic about it and liked my blog well enough.

Gee...I can't give up NOW!

That's the way it is, I guess...but I still need a little outfit like this, but I'm torn as to whether the skull should be white or pink. Oh...what a hard life I lead.

On to other topics...I didn't realize that this post would be so worthy of discussion. Wow. I guess in light of other similar topics crossing the pages of daily newspapers, this shouldn't be a surprise. I had prepared a post listing some of the comments left by readers, but Blogger ate it. Great. I'll try to re-do it tomorrow.

But NOW...here's something else that's interesting, on a related note. Lance Bass' boyfriend commented on the recent declaration by "Doogie Howser" regarding Doogie's preferences. In the process, a new term was coined...being "Lanced".

First of all, that sounds painful.

But for those of us who remember Rock Hudson and how he wasted away from AIDS, maybe it's in everyone's best interest to tell the truth about ourselves. It's not unusual, especially in Hollyweird...admitting to various and sundry details about one's life guarantees some kind of renewed interest.

Is there a difference between admitting your sexual preference and admitting you have a disease of some sort or an addiction to something? Some play many issues close to their vest, and others lay their cards out for all to see. Who's right? Who's wrong?

I'm glad "Doogie" and Lance are happy. Really, I am. And maybe it is better to admit something before you're caught in a compromising situation.

But here's my question: is there any sin in discretion? Isn't there anyone out there who doesn't let their gender preference define who they are in every aspect of life?

I'm sure I sound totally intolerant when I phrase my question like that, but it's something I've always wanted to know. I am also aware that, as enlightened we are as a society, we're still struggling with where everyone fits in. Could stereotyping still happen in terms of gender preference?

I mean, I'm hetero, but that's only PART of what I am. If my urges completely defined me, I wouldn't get very much done because I'd be in rutting season all the time. Yes, it helps when I sing a love song with the big band or I am asked how I feel about D., but it's not the be-all and end-all.

What do you all think?

Anxiously waiting for responses...

*****POST SCRIPT: If you look in the comments, Happy and Blue 2 made a good point about being in the majority vs. being in the minority and wanting to connect with others like you.

I guess my question should have been clearer: whether it's good to force it or let it happen naturally - in other words, control who's outing who.

Does that make sense? Should someone walk out of the closet on their own, or be pushed out? Sometimes a person's actions cause pushing out to happen, but if a person keeps to him/herself, should they have control of who/what/when they say what they say?

Keep reading...thanks!