Friday, November 03, 2006

Funky fluffy Friday

OK - right off the bat, I want to ask you to keep Jules in your good thoughts file. She's a great blogger, and a good friend. She's going through some troubled times right here to access her blog and read the story.

If you wish to leave a comment of encouragement, please tell her you came from Sudiegirl's place, so she knows that people are in her corner.

If you wish to leave a comment of anything other than that, don't bother. Be kind - she's been through a lot the past few days. She doesn't need lectures or snottiness. If I find out that anyone spammed her or left snotty comments, heads will roll.

Thank you very much.


OK...back to the program, folks...

First of all, thanks to Mr. Fab, I found out about the Hoagie awards. She's givin' out candy, y'all! I nominated some folks, and I'll be waiting anxiously for the results. Hell, anything's got to be better than the current political scene - plus the candy thing.

Next in the "Gee, I'm glad I'm a working stiff" files...

Apparently, Kanye West's training in humility and good sportsmanship ended in kindergarten. From this article, here's some info about what happened at the MTV Europe Awards:

COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — Rap star Kanye West was named Best Hip Hop artist but still came off as a sore loser at the MTV Europe Music Awards.

Kanye apparently was so disappointed at not winning for Best Video that he crashed the stage Thursday in Copenhagen when the award was being presented to Justice and Simian for "We Are Your Friends."

In a tirade riddled with expletives, Kanye said
he should have won the prize for his video "Touch The Sky," because it "cost a million dollars, Pamela Anderson was in it. I was jumping across canyons."

"If I don't win, the awards show loses credibility," Kanye said.

Well...I wonder what would've happened if he'd done that crap in front of his mother?

I think we would've seen the biggest hip-hop star (in his own mind, at least) drug off the stage by his ear to a verbal assault of "What the HELL do you think you're doin', boy, have you lost your MIND????" And across the world, mothers of sons would be cheering her on.

However, Borat (aka Sacha Baron Cohen) saves the day as usual. How? Well, read on:

British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen entertained the audience with his English-mangling character Borat Sagdiyev, a Kazakh TV journalist, and poked fun at Madonna who is trying to adopt an African child.

"My only concern is that this singing transvestite will not be such a good father," Borat said in a mock video link from Kazakhstan.

Yep...Sudiegirl *hearts* Borat. Maybe I should put that on a t-shirt? Here's how it'd look...
I think with that, I should probably stop for still my beating heart...