Monday, October 16, 2006

OK...yes...I'm verbose but I'm making up for lost time, dammit!

Thought for Today:
"One learns in life to keep silent and draw one's own confusions." — Cornelia Otis Skinner, American actress and author (1901-1979).

Sudiegirl's response:
Well...I guess I'm screwed.

Well, since I'm making up for lost time over the weekend, you guys are probably annoyed with how wordy I am. However, I am going to do a "dad" entry tomorrow and maybe hold off for a few more days on the subject of "dad" until next week. Until then, just the usual meandering.

First of all, I must say this:
Yes, in spite of her decades-spanning career, she is known very well for being Jessica Fletcher. Thanks to "Murder She Wrote", post-menopausal women can still fulfill their dreams of being a detective (vicariously, of course). A&E Networks are very grateful for the ratings, I'm sure.

So on behalf of AARP, this special "Hot Flash Cavalcade of Stars" happy birthday card goes to Ms. Lansbury and the veritable institution of "Murder She Wrote".


RIP, Freddy Fender.

He was truly an incredible musician...his career spanned from childhood to the present. He fought drug abuse and diabetes. He served time in prison, and had regional success before he was nationally known. He succumbed to lung cancer over the weekend.

I remember hearing his early '70's hits in childhood, and I really liked "Before the Next Teardrop Falls", but it almost made me cry every time I heard it. Imagine that.

Ed H. (who knows WAY more about music than I will ever know) also reminded me of his stint with the Texas Tornadoes, but I will always think of him in association with "Teardrop".

In his New York Times obit, it states that Fender won three Grammys in his career, and appeared in Robert Redford's "The Milagro Beanfield War" in 1988.

That's more than I'll ever do, and you know what? I'm OK with that.

The best quote, however...attributed to a Washington Post interview in this:

“Whenever I run into prejudice,” he told The Washington Post in 1977, “I smile and feel sorry for them, and I say to myself, ‘There’s one more argument for birth control.’ ”

Amen, brother. Rest in peace, and say hi to Dad for me.


Well, the good folks at Rancho Sudiegirl, Inc. (makers of "SuperRamenDeepFry", now with cheese!) have decided to create yet another award. Why? Because we care, dammit.

New award: "Was My Face Red!", to salute corporate and/or personal embarrassment that somehow makes its way to the news.

Recipient: The Walt Disney Company

Reason: At the Disney theme park in Paris, France, Disney "characters" (meaning the underpaid working stiffs who swelter in the un-ventilated Disney costumes) engaged in a simulated "orgy". To quote the article:

The video shows Minnie Mouse struggling to free herself as she is grabbed from behind by Goofy and then a giant snowman. Later, Mickey Mouse simulates sex with the snowman and Goofy does the same with either Chip or Dale, the chipmunks, as laughter is heard on the tape. The tape is described on the Internet as the "Mouse Orgy."

Judge's comments:

You know why this happened, don't you?

Because the "character" employees all watched "The Little Mermaid", and according to certain mega-conservative church leaders (*coughcoughDONALDWILDMONcoughcough*) the word "sex" was in the sky (formed by clouds).

Plus, the prince (I don't even remember or CARE what his name was) had a big ol' stiffie in the wedding scene, so of COURSE this made the French "characters" all lusty and they had to work it out somewhere!

Of course, it's just a theory...

But doesn't it scare you that there was a "booty call" at a Disney park? It does me.


So with that, folks, I'm off to annoy others once again. I will be back tomorrow, so if that disappoints some of you, so be it.