Sunday, January 29, 2006

And now, from "Those Scandinavians really know how to party!" files, and Yahoo! News...

Sudiegirl sez:

You know, I've heard of theme parties but this really...oh lord, hear my cry of despair as this pun escapes my lips...takes the cake.

It just goes to show ya, I really don't wanna go to Scandinavia anytime soon.

Party in Autopsy Room Shocks Norway
Fri Jan 27, 5:49 PM ET

Health authorities expressed shock and disgust Friday over reports that employees at a hospital in southern Norway threw a party in a post-mortem room and covered an autopsy table with a white cloth and candles. (Meanwhile, Martha Stewart expressed dismay that the doctors served red wine with lutevisk.)

"This is unacceptable and unheard of," Health Minister Sylvia Brustad told state broadcaster NRK. "It makes me sick." (Well, at least the guests didn't complain...see picture of guest at right.)

Management at the Fredrikstad hospital said it learned two weeks ago that employees had staged a Christmas celebration in the room where post-mortem examinations were performed. (I mis-spoke when I thought it was a birthday party...but Christmas is over, the Christian calendar says we're in Epiphany now, so just deal with it because it's MY BLOG!!!!!)

The hospital said the incident had shocked its management and employees, according to a statement from administrative director Ulf Ljungblad. (And of course, no name is as authoritative as Ulf Ljungblad. Anyway...)

The employees involved had been called in to explain themselves to their supervisors, the statement said. It was not immediately clear if they would be disciplined. (OK...they're throwing a party in the autopsy lab, and the only other witnesses are DEAD...what's to discipline? Leave it alone. These autopsy folks have to look at dead people all day long and try to figure out HOW they DIED. They need to do something to relieve stress.)

NRK said the revelers had covered the autopsy table with a white table cloth, lit candles and decked it with beer bottles. (That's pretty festive...)

The room is adjacent to the hospital's mortuary and chapel, NRK said. (Well, that's one stop shopping right there! You can either pray to God for forgiveness, or if you have a bit too much and depart this mortal coil, the attendees can determine the exact cause of death, take you to the mortuary and tie the tag on your toe for you...all in one place! What could be better?)

Fredrikstad is about 50 miles south of Oslo. (One thing...if you don't want other people throwing parties in the autopsy lab, don't give directions to the town! DUH!)

Sudiegirl's final opinion?

Well, maybe I need to call these folks to help me plan my reception? What do you serve with corpses, anyway?