Monday, January 16, 2006

And now, from the "No wonder he moved to Bahrain; McDonald's won't even touch his application" files and Yahoo! News...

Sudiegirl sez: OK...I can't think of anyone less equipped for the modern world of employment than Michael Jackson. Between his "rap sheet" (BTW, even though he wasn't convicted of the charges, wouldn't you think explanations would be in order, even on an international basis?)...

not to mention his "casual Friday" wardrobe (see right...if he worked in DC, he'd set off all the metal detectors in the building where I work)...

he's kind of - well, ya know - not really ready to be a working stiff like the rest of us. So apparently, employment standards are different in Bahrain. Different as in, "They're non-existent." So sit back, relax, and I'll do my thing...

Michael Jackson Seeks Job in Bahrain

By LARA SUKHTIAN, Associated Press Writer
43 minutes ago

Michael Jackson seems to be settling in to the Persian Gulf. He has shopped for real estate here, been spotted in glitzy malls — and now it appears that Jackson is interviewing for a job. (Well, apparently he's figured out that he won't get a job busing tables at IHOP given his escapades.)

The singer, his reputation in tatters at home after winning a grueling molestation trial in California last year, is negotiating a position as a consultant with a Bahrain-based company that plans to set up theme parks and music academies in the Middle East, according to a press release. (Well, I guess he would know his way around a theme park; just don't let him be there when kids are present and we should be OK.)

AAJ Holdings Ltd., owned by Bahraini businessman Ahmed Abu Bakr Janahi, said it wanted to hire the 47-year-old Jackson to give advice on setting up entertainment businesses. (Is anyone as shocked as I am that MJ is 3 years shy of 50? AAAAGGGHHHH! That makes me feel OLD.)

AAJ, which focuses mainly on urban development projects, played a key role in designing Bahrain's ongoing Financial Harbor development and Oman's Blue City, a multibillion-dollar tourist resort with golf courses, hotels, and several dozen kilometers (miles) of sandy beaches. (I guess "resort" and "Middle East" are things I'll have to get used to as far as being matched together...but it will take a while.)

According to the statement, Janahi believes Jackson could play an important role in the company. (But what that role is...that's what I wonder. I mean, it's not like he built Neverland from the ground up with his bare hands. He hired people to do it and paid for it from his earnings through the years. He may know who to call, but he may not know who does good work nowadays and who doesn't. I'm not sure the thinking is sound, you know?)

"Stagnant architectural structures need content in the form of entertainment to revive them and that's where Michael Jackson will play an integral role," the statement said. (OK, so next thing you know, he'll be staging "Auntie Mame" in an ancient mosque? With himself in the lead?)

Jackson's publicist, Raymone K. Bain, could not be reached for comment Monday. (If I were Michael Jackson's publicist, I'd take a job at Safeway instead. Either that, or planting land mines...seems less stressful, you know what I mean?)

Jackson is reported to be in the midst of building a home in Bahrain, an island nation in the Persian Gulf linked to Saudi Arabia by a bridge. (Let's just hope that after MJ moves in, it's not the "Bridge Over Troubled Water". Sorry, lame music joke...let's just go on...)

In his last known visit to Dubai in November, Jackson was seen checking out some of the world's priciest real estate developments. His host at the time, Emirates champion rally driver Mohammed bin Sulayem, said Jackson was considering buying property here. (The reporter forgot to mention that the land was for an EXTRATERRESTRIAL LANDING STRIP! At least, that's what CNN said...)

News reports out of Manama, the Bahraini capital, have quoted Jackson's publicist as saying the pop star is in the process of finalizing his Hurricane Katrina relief song, which will be released on Bahraini label 2 Seas Records. (Something tells me I'll be skipping that release. Sorry, folks...I did the concert in November...don't want to touch MJ's project with a 10-foot (or 10 kilometer) pole.)

The label belongs to Sheik Abdullah bin Hamad Al Khalifa, a regional governor and the Bahraini king's son, who is reportedly spearheading the project. (Nepotism - the cornerstone of a solid career.)

Recording artists Keisha Cole, Ciara, Snoop Dogg, Babyface and R Kelly are among those taking part in the song, "I Have This Dream," reports stated. (Sorry...I'm still skippin' it.)

Since his June acquittal on child molestation charges, Jackson has made several trips to Bahrain as a guest of Al Khalifa. (Let's just hope this guy has no boys that Michael may want to "nurture"...)

Sudiegirl's final opinion?

I think this last photo speaks for itself...

Peace out, y'all!