Thursday, December 15, 2005

(Photo of everyone's favorite news producer and two pals from

Japanese Get Fat Penguins to Exercise
(Meanwhile, the walruses and manatees sit on the shore and laugh as the penguins run through their calisthenics.)

Penguins fire coach Eddie Olczyk
(Well, DUH! Making them go through the pain of an exercise regimen might move me to do the same thing!)

14-Day Plan Improves Memory
(I'd tell you more about what it involves, but I...well, you know...)

Nepalese Protest Shooting of Villagers
(OK...maybe I'm kind of obtuse, but isn't the shooting of villagers something that SHOULD be protested? I guess the way the headline reads, someone could think this is some radical new concept. Right up there with "Rain is wet".)

Illinois Court Set to Rule on Cigarette Suit
(What kind of tie do you wear with that?)


Well, the blogosphere was pretty good to me yesterday.
Yesterday, I had my best ever day on this blog with over 80 visits! I know that doesn't sound like very many, but it is to me. Between new people checking me out, and my faithful friends that have been there for me before, I want to say thank you for coming. I know you may not agree with my views, but I'm glad you gave me a shot. That's an incentive to keep me going right there...thanks so much!

Well, here in DC we're having WEATHER. That's right folks...the dreaded "wintry mix" is on its way here, and many area school districts are closing. Not sure what the feds are gonna do, but I'm prepared to take on whatever comes, I guess. No big band tonight, so the cats and I can hole up in the house and be anti-social. I'm doing that a lot more these days. It should worry me, but so far, I got nothin'. I'm cool.

Good news...D is up for a promotion and transfer to a Pier 1 store that is closer to where we live...I hope it works out for him. He deserves good stuff. He's stuck with me, so he needs happiness in other areas of his life, ya know?

Interesting mother has informed us that she has procured a king-size bed (mattress, box springs, and frame) from Sears for our combination X-mas, wedding, birthday and miscellaneous other presents that we might be expecting in 2006. Apparently, our arguments in bed consist of:
"You're pushing me off the bed!"
"I am not, ya bed hog!"
"You are too!"
"Give me the blankets, demon spawn!"

and, furthermore, the screams have carried all the way to Iowa. Therefore, this what she's decided to do for us. I'm down with that...I just have to get it delivered...not an easy task to undertake through Sears at Christmas time.

In the meantime, my oldest niece Courtney has decided she wants to be a "rock goddess" and learn guitar. She is proud...she has already learned how to play "Smoke on the Water" and "Jingle Bells". Hell, I can't even do that. I am proud of her...I hope it's not just some teenage flight of fancy and she takes to it.

Let's see...what else is goin' on?

Not a lot, really. We plan to have a quiet holiday (I think D deserves it, since he works retail at two different jobs and that equals HELL in my book), so that's our goal - PEACE.

And speaking of goals, my pals at 94.7 The Arrow (DC's classic rock station) are going to be running a "Stuff the Truck" food drive to benefit the Capitol Area Food Bank tomorrow. Go to for details if you're reading this as a DC local...if you're not living in DC but want to do something in your city, I'm sure they'll be most appreciative. If you don't know who to contact, start by contacting your local church, mosque or synagogue. They'll know what to recommend. The winter months are harsh enough...bringing warmth to them is something we all can do, even if it's just a little bit at a time.

Did I mention I'm happy for George Clooney's Golden Globe nods? He's such a cool guy...between having Rosemary Clooney as an aunt, Nick Clooney as a dad, and Miguel Ferrer as a cousin, he's cool on his own as well. And he's a good looking man who's not afraid to be funny. Makes him even SEXIER in my book!!! Rowr. Sorry, D, but it's true. Wouldn't it ROCK if he won an Oscar? Does he need a date? I'm free as long as I don't tell D where I'm going. (Just kidding, D...)

Anywayz...I think that's all for me at this point in time.

Hug the critters in your house, unless they're poisonous or infectious. (Haven't decided if my mother-in-law is either one of those yet...)