Wednesday, December 21, 2005

An "Attagirl" entry, courtesy of the Iowa City Press Citizen...YOU GO GIRL!

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Sudiegirl sez: ATTA-GIRL, Diana! Besides being a Hawkeye like yours truly, she high-kicked ASS in this contest. Just proof that many good things do indeed come from the Midwest. And the article is attached in its entirety.

Golden Girl gives her regards to Broadway
Reed wins role in 'Sweet Charity'

By Deanna Truman-CookIowa City Press-Citizen

Hawkeye Golden Girl Diana Reed traded in her baton for dancing shoes Monday night as she danced on Broadway.

Reed won the "Sweet Charity" dance off, a nationwide competition where dancers competed for a spot in the revival of the musical.

As the winner, Reed flew to New York City for the weekend and performed alongside Christina Applegate at the Al Hirschfeld Theatre.

"It was truly a dream come true for me," Reed said Tuesday from O'Hare Airport in Chicago on her way back home. "It was pretty cool. It was tons of fun."

Although Reed was originally scheduled to perform Saturday night, a flight delay caused her to miss her time slot with the show's choreographer. She said she thought it worked out for the best.

Not only did Reed, 21, get to be in the show, but she also got to watch it twice -- with the audience Saturday and from backstage Sunday.

As for stage time, Reed estimates that she had about 2½ minutes, performing to the tune, "I'm A Brass Band."

Ironically, it was the first time the baton twirler for the University of Iowa Hawkeye Marching band has ever donned an actual band uniform.

She had only two hours of rehearsal time before her big debut.

"I was a little bit nervous; I just wanted to go out there and nail it," Reed said.

The UI senior plans to stay with the Hawkeye Marching band for one more season and then move to New York to pursue a dancing career after a December 2006 graduation.

"I definitely want to pursue this," Reed said, adding that it was an even better experience than what she had imagined.

"I didn't realize the Broadway arena would be so supportive of everybody. It was a great experience," she said.

Applegate, the star of the show, presented Reed with two-dozen roses Monday night.

Reed found out about the competition from reading "Marie Claire," the magazine sponsoring the contest. Dancers sent in 30-second performances, and 10 were chosen to be finalists. The videos were posted on the "Sweet Charity" Web site for people to vote on. From the start, Reed was the leading contender.

UI Marching Band Director Kevin Kastens is one of thousands who voted for her.

"In my opinion, she is the most deserving," Kastens said. "She is a very talented young lady. She oftentimes incorporates dance into her baton twirling.

"There is a lot of Iowa support behind her."

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Now THAT is happy news.