Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Fleeting thoughts and a searchsite for a good cause, plus other stuff.

(Photos are from the following websites: www.tv-now.com, www.postershop.com, www.variety.com.)

Good day, little Chiclets!

Why, pray tell, are these three creative, good-looking folks here at Rancho Sudiegirl?

Well, not because they KNOW me...but because they are a few of the good artists being honored by the Kennedy Center this year. This is a good thing! I am so happy about this, but unfortunately they always show the ceremonies at night, on Christmas, when I'm POOPED so I don't get to watch it.

Oh well, I am just glad that they're being honored. Tina, in particular, will ROCK THE HOUSE! (With or without Ike, I might add...)

Also, just got this website listing from the pastor of my church. It's www.GoodSearch.com, and when you use this website to search for stuff, it can benefit existing charities that are listed with it, or you can list your own favorite worthy cause (other than yourself). I'm going to support my church, St. Nicholas Episcopal Church in Darnestown, MD. You might find another one, or else support this one, or list one you support your own bad self.

At any rate, enough kudos...I might be unrecognizable if I'm too nice to everyone!